This breed had its beginnings with an Inuit tribe known as the Malamute. A powerful freighting dog, the Mal was the choice of many polar explorers.


Affectionate and friendly, but definitely strong-willed, the Malamute is patient with children but should be supervised when playing with youngsters due to his size and strength.

Activity Level

The Malamute is an outdoor dog that was born to pull (preferably sleds). He requires lots of exercise and is truly in his element when the temperatures dip low, making him an ideal companion for the winter-sports enthusiast.


Adult males measure about 25 in (64 cm) at the shoulder and carry approximately 85 solid pounds (38.5 kg) on their well-boned frames.


The outer coat is dense and coarse – great for shedding snow. The insulating undercoat is short, oily and woolly.


The usual colours range from light grey through to black, always with white on the underbody. White blazes are acceptable on the forehead and/or collar. White is the only solid colour allowed.


Other than a thorough brushing from time to time, the Malamute needs no special grooming.

Canadian Kennel Club

Here is the link with the description of the complete standard at the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC): CKC Standard